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Teacher Education Courses

Carl Orff Canada offers an exciting, internationally recognized certification program for teachers at universities and conservatories across Canada. It is a three year program made up of Levels I, II and III. Upon completion of all three levels, each of which has been endorsed by Carl Orff Canada, a certificate is awarded. Further professional learning opportunities are available throughout Canada through Post Level III courses as well as through the Mentorship program.

Post-Level III Certification:

After completion of the Orff Level III certification program, educators may continue professional development and study in Orff-based pedagogy and related topics by taking endorsed Post-Level III Courses.

The Post-Level III certificate is awarded by Carl Orff Canada upon completion of three endorsed Post-Level III courses each with a focus on a different Orff related topic and of a minimum of 25 hours of instruction.

For information regarding Post-Level III Course and Certificate Guidelines and application procedures, please contact the Carl Orff Canada Second Vice-President.

COC Mentorship Program for Levels Course Instructors:

This program prepares educators to be Level I Basic Orff instructors in an Orff Levels Course.

People who are interested in teaching Level I Basic Orff in a levels course in Canada can apply to be a mentor candidate. If the application is approved by the Mentorship Committee of Carl Orff Canada, the candidate is matched with an experienced mentor teacher and works closely with that person while fulfilling the requirements to complete the program.

For mentorship program guidelines and application procedures, please see Section R: Resources in the Policies and Procedures Manual found in the members only section of this website.

For further information, contact First Vice-President, chair of the COC Mentorship Committee.

International Course Listings:

Interested in Orff Schulwerk studies abroad? Further details about courses may be obtained on the websites of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg and the Orff Institute for Elementary Music and Dance Education.

Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education: Orff-Schulwerk - Orff Institute, October 2018 to June 2019: Download brochure

Course Listings by Province:

The following courses are scheduled for 2016. Further details about each course can be obtained by following the links provided. Note: Specific courses are endorsed by Carl Orff Canada and clearly marked. Please check this list for regular updates.


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