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Ostinato is the national publication of Carl Orff Canada - Music for Children, Musique pour enfants. It serves as a written forum for facilitating the sharing of ideas and successful teaching practices related to the Orff Schulwerk approach to music education. The emphasis is on professional communication and exchange among members of Carl Orff Canada via the publishing of stimulating articles, both theoretical and practical, original compositions, reviews, reports, announcements and special events

OSTINATO - The National Journal of Carl Orff Canada

Published in fall, winter and spring, the journal is mailed to all members. The practice in the past few years has been for the Editor to decide on a theme or general focus for each issue, in order to provide a cross-section of views, ideas and opinions on the topic chosen.

Articles focused on workshop sessions, notable performances, and looked back on an inspiring educational experience.

Articles, descriptions of current research in music education, book and music reviews, classroom materials, teaching strategies and ideas for advocacy are welcomed as submissions.

Please contact the Editor: Margaret Kristie


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